Blue World City is a housing society in Islamabad that offers luxurious lifestyle and sizzling investment opportunities. There are various sizes of plots available in Blue World City ranging from 3.5 Marla to 2 Kanal. 

Having your own property in Islamabad was the most difficult thing in the old times but it is not anymore! Property dealing is now becoming easier, smarter, and much more flexible than ever before. 

Urban Associates is a Real Estate Agency that deals with Islamabad housing societies and one of the housing societies is Blue World City. Here, we’ve given out all the details about Blue World City that everyone associated with real estate, either buyer, seller, or investor, must know.

Blue World City Proprietor and Engineers

Blue World City is owned by Blue Group of Companies and the proprietor of this housing society is  Saad Nazir who is the son of Chaudhry Nazir, ex-Deputy Commissioner Lahore.

An (MOU) Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by Blue Group of Companies with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company based in China to ensure development of this high quality housing society. 

Blue Group of Companies (BGC)

Blue Group of companies is a construction company in Lahore that was established in 1989. Initially, it worked as a company providing services of architecture and construction. After some time, it gained trust from the industry and the Blue Group of Companies was ready to take a step forward towards their success.

In the present, the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) is one of Top 5 real estate companies that are recognized globally. From that point forward the company has become a solution for a wide range of problems that includes; development and marketing of real estate, IT services, commercial printing, and architectural designing and construction. The customers can now conveniently find a wide range of services offered by the same company.

Blue Group of Companies is not only restricted to this but it has also entered into the retail industry where it owns many retail businesses such as stores and brands. 

Over time, Blue Group of Companies (BGC) has successfully provided employment to 300+ dedicated experts fulfilling their obligations in various limits, making it one of the most differentiated real estate company in Pakistan.

Structure of Blue Group of Companies:

Blue Group of Companies claims a profoundly broadened set of organizations comprising of the accompanying companies:

Blue World City (BWC)

Above we have discussed about Blue Group of Companies (BGC), the company that owns Blue World City. Now, let’s move towards the details about Blue World City.


Blue World City is the highest level lodging society in Islamabad. It is created by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) in meeting with incredibly famous Shan Jian Metropolitan Designing Organization. Blue World City is located near Chakri Trade and recently proposed Rawalpindi Ring Street.

Currently, it is one of the most affordable housing project that offers high standard of living at moderate prices and flexible payment plans. Thus, it is an ideal choice for investors. 

Blue World City is also offering web assistance, for example, blue world city verification, Certificate of registration online Verification, Online Installment, and Application Status.

Blue World City Blocks

Blue World City is divided into blocks that includes;

  • General Block
  • Overseas Block
  • Blue Hills Country Farms
  • Awami Villas
  • Blue World Economic Zone
  • Orbital Apartments
  • Awami Residential Complex.

Main Attractions of Blue World City

Blue World is an Islamabad Housing society. Hence, let us first introduce you to the main attractions in Blue World City after which we’ll proceed towards further details. Although Blue World City is itself very mesmerizing but there are 6 main things present that are everyone’s center of attention:

Blue Mosque

Blue World City consists of Blue Mosque which is an exact copy of a Blue Mosque located in Istanbul, Turkey. The history of this Blue Mosque is attached with the Islamic civilization and old traditional architecture. 

Water Themed Park

In collaboration with the famous Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co. Ltd., Blue World Water Themed Park was established for attracting tourists and visitors. This theme park adds up to the beauty of Blue World City.

Night Safari & Zoo

The Night Safari & Zoo at Blue World City is a means of excitement for wild life lovers and children.

Corporate Office

Blue World City is one of the tourist destinations of world that features amazing historical monuments and wonders of the world.

Horse Mascots

Blue World City’s Horse Mascots, reaching 125-feet from ground-level, are going to be the tallest sculpture in the world, worthy of a place in the legendary Guinness Book of World Record surpassing the 30-meter tall Kelpies, in Scotland, which attract tourists from all over the world.

Rumi’s Square

Jalal ud Din Mohammad Rumi is a historical figure familiar to everyone around the world. He was a 13th-century Persian poet, saint, scholar, and a marvelous personality who was famous for his wisdom, style. and knowledge.


Blue World City is situated in Islamabad on the main Chakri Road close to Chakri Exchange having direct access from M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. It is surrounded by general housing societies as well as Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The tranquility of the environment of that area is one of its kind. 

This is what makes Blue World City a center of attention for many people. The peace and calm that it offers outside of the busy city life is remarkable. 

You can see the map of Blue World City below. It is reachable yet far from cities, making it the best location.


Blue World City has several routes. Hence we have explained the routes towards Blue World city below: 

Close by lands and housing societies

Master Plan

The master plan of Blue World City Islamabad was finalized with the help of national and International experts. Moreover, owner was also a part of master planning process.

You can see the master plan of Blue World City below:

Size of Streets:

One of the alluring elements will be its wide streets interfacing all spaces of society. The width of Main Boulevard will be 120ft, the main roads will be 80 ft. wide, whereas, the width of streets will be 40 ft.

Commercial and Residential Plots:

Blue World City Islamabad consists of 5000 Kanal and the entire region is planned to be separated in blocks. The sizes of blocks are given below:

Residential, farmhouses, and Commercial Plot sizes:

Farmhouses plots sizes:

Commercial plots sizes:

Overseas plots sizes:

Blocks in Blue World City:

Blue World City is divided into several blocks. We have discussed the main blocks of Blue World City below:

General Block

When it comes to the community lifestyle, Blue World City’s General Block is a crucial part. The General Block offers a luxurious living standard at flexible payment plan and affordable rates.

Not only is the plots affordable but the environment is also very pleasant throughout the General Block as it is equipped with parks, wide and clean roads, streetlights, flowerbeds, and much more that gives the feeling of calm and relaxation.

The key features of Blue World City General Block are:

Waterfront Block

Waterfront Block is a recent amusing addition to the Blue World City Housing Society. It is named as Waterfront Block because it is right in front of the body of water giving it a breathtaking look overall. This block is present in front of the overseas block.

Blue World City is a complete package of all the amenities present within the society including healthcare, commercial, and everything that is required for a luxurious lifestyle. Thus, investing in Waterfront Block in Blue World City is the best decision one could ever make.

The key features of Blue World City Waterfront Block are:

Overseas Block

Overseas block can be accessed directly from Chakri Road and its entry is directly through the society’s main gate. This block has become very popular because of its dynamic features. It is built while targeting the overseas Pakistanis who could enjoy abroad lifestyle while living in Pakistan.

This blocks consists of residential and commercial plots. It is designed carefully while keeping international standards in mind, specifically for overseas Pakistanis so they could feel at home.

The key features of Blue World City Overseas Block are:

Awami Complex:

Another new addition in the Blue World City is Awami Block. It consists of independent and duplex units that have all the amenities present for a quality lifestyle. This Block is built specifically for general public having affordable rates.

The construction process is designed in a budget friendly way for Awami Complex to cut down extra cost. However, quality of construction was never compromised. The Awami Residential Complex is located paralled to the main land of Blue World City having direct access from Chakri Road and areas near Islamabad International Airport.

Blue Group of Companies (BGC) is going to carry out the process of construction. It will be five-story project with a basement area.

The key features of Awami Complex are:

Executive Block

Executive Block is an excellent addition to the Blue World city. The RDA approved Blue World City Executive Block located in the vicinity of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, is accessible from a variety of routes.

This block is the perfect combination of luxury, class, and affordability equipped with basic and modern facilities of life. The Executive Block is the most luxurious block of Blue World City providing high standard life quality to its residents. Executive Block offers booking of 5, 10, and 20 Marla plot with a flexible 4 year installment plan.

The key features of Executive Block are:

Blue Hills Country Farms

Does Blue World city also has a farm? Absolutely! Blue World City has a Blue Hills Country Farm that adds up to the greenery for positively affecting the environment. It is a beautiful, scenic farmhouse where people can spend a quality time with their loved ones.

The farmhouse is equipped with calm and peaceful environment with affordable payment plans. There is a water stream flowing near the farmhouse giving it a pleasurable view. In addition to this, the location of farmhouse is chosen strategically for the best outcomes.

The key features of Blue Hills Country Farms are:

Payment Plans

Blue World City Islamabad offers  the following 3 types of payment plans with 10% down payment to be paid while booking:

The details of each block’s payment plans are given below:

General Block

Blue World City General Block offers booking of 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal plots with 10% down payment and 40 monthly or 8 Bi-Annually installment plan.  Moreover, there are 5 Marla and 8 Marla Commercial plots available as well. 

The 4-year installment Plan of General Block is:

Waterfront Block

Blue World City Waterfront Block offers booking of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 20 Marla plots with 10% down payment and 40 monthly or 8 Bi-Annually installment plan.  Moreover, the 5% possession price is also mentioned in the plan below.

Moreover, 5 Marla and 10 Marla commercial plots are also available.

The 4-year installment Plan of Waterfront Block is:

Overseas Block

Blue World City Overseas Block offers booking of 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal plots with 10% down payment, confirmation amount, posession amount and 2 options of payment. Option 1 is 16 quarterly installment while option 2 is 40 monthly or 8 Bi-Annually installment plan.  The possession price is also mentioned in the plan below.

The4-year installment Plan of Overseas Block is:

Awami Complex:

Blue World City Awami Complex offers studio, 3.5 Marla plot in Duplex Manor, 3 Marla single floor in Awami Motors, 1 and 2 Bed lounge, with 50 monthly and 10 half year installment plan. Moreover, a discounted price is also being offered.  

The 5-year installment Plan of Awami Residential Complex is:

Executive Block:

Blue World City Executive Block – 01 is offering 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 20 Marla plots with 10% down payment and 40 monthly or 8 half year installment plan.

The 5-year installment Plan of Executive Block – 01 is:

Blue World City Executive Block – 01 is offering 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 20 Marla plots with 10% down payment and 40 monthly or 8 half year installment plan. Moreover, 5% possession price is also mentioned

The 5-year installment Plan of Executive Block – 02 is:

Blue Hills Country Farms:

Blue Hills Country Farms is offering 4 Kanal, 8 Kanal, 12 Kanal and 16 Kanal plots with 10% down payment and 40 monthly or 8 half yearly installment plan. Moreover, price of adjustment certificate and discounted price is also mentioned.

The 4-year installment Plan of Blue Hills Country Farm is:

Notable Highlights:

Blue World City means to foster the greatest lodging project in Islamabad that would oblige the future private and business needs of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It offers every one of the fundamental conveniences which are pre-imperatives of an advanced lodging improvement.
Following are some notable elements of Blue World City Islamabad:

The Blue World City will present the accompanying cutting edge, previously unheard of conveniences to its occupants:

Water, gas and power:

Blue World City Islamabad is located in a remote spot. For such a long time this region has been ignored and the associations for power, gas, and water are seldom conceded.

Despite the fact that it was a hard errand, the representatives worked effortlessly and has been successful in arranging a 24/7 supply of water, gas, and power in the area. 

Business Center points, Schools and Universities:

TheBlue world Housing Society will demonstrate to become one of the greatest business center point in the district with the CPEC being close, thus,  business openings will be infinite.

The remarkable strategy of this tremendous society has been planned including condition of workmanship, present day business roads, and elevated requirement instructive offices in all the areas of the society for the ease of residents.

Gated People group:

Blue World City Islamabad will be a vigorously monitored and gated local area. Unapproved individuals will be restricted in the public arena. A solid limit divider will encompass the society to add a layer of safety. Extra highlights, for example, face acknowledgment and key cards will be introduced in the society to stay safe from undesirable guests and incidents in the society.
Blue water themed Park will be a vigorously monitored and gated local area as well.

24/7 Security:

Blue World City Islamabad takes the security of its occupants and guests seriously, an extraordinarily prepared security group will screen and guarantee the wellbeing of its inhabitants every minute of every day. CCTV cameras will be placed throughout the society to assemble a safe environment in the lodging society.

Area and Jamia mosques:

To oblige individuals for the prayers, each area of society will have exceptionally planned area mosques for the inhabitants so they can ask easily and satisfy their commitments without any problem.

Power plant:

To make the society a heap shedding free zone, the authorities have proposed an electric power plant. With society’s own special power plant the accessibility of power in the society will guarantee a more proficient and useful local area.

Underground Power:

The idea of underground power isn’t new and most of the latest housing societies are settling it up. Therefore, it has turned into a fundamental overhaul for the security of the local area. Not just this progression will get an improvement the excellence and exquisite arrangement of the society yet will likewise be significantly more secure and lessen the odds of any setbacks.

Sports and social complex:

Multifunctional sports and social complex will be underlying Blue World City to engage and advance variety of societies and advance extra-curricular exercises in the society.

Sewerage Treatment Plant:

Condition of workmanship sewerage treatment plants will be introduced in the society to guarantee a sterile and eco-accommodating garbage removal framework in the society.

Water filtration plant:

Blue world city will be providing clean water supply to its residents. The establishment of an inventive water filtration plant will guarantee the inventory of clean water.

Sporting Park and lake:

The Oxygen Park and lakes in the society will add to the magnificence of the society. These metropolitan green spaces are fundamental to making a positive effect on wellbeing, making social associations, and aiding the climate.

I-Max film:

Films have turned into a significant way for amusement and relaxation in the existences of individuals locally. Blue World City will acquaint 3D I-max films and will bring the most trend setting innovation and amusement to its kin.

Experience Club:

The general public will have an undertaking club to unite the local area and make social associations in the public arena. This club will organize an assortment of exercises for the joy of its individuals including horseback riding, soil bicycle riding, paragliding, dropping, climbing, etc.

Water pools and spa clubs:

One more extravagance that will be appreciated by the tenants of this society will be its warm and freshwater pools and spa club. These magnificent spas and pools will permit the individuals to partake in an assortment of loosening up medicines just as
remedial meetings.

Police headquarters:

Blue World will likewise have a completely useful and responsive police headquarters in its environmental elements to assist with any criminal experiences and criminal behavior in the society.

40-Bed Emergency clinic:

Having arrangement for wellbeing is a human right. Thus,, a completely functional 40-bed Emergency clinic is planned as a huge piece of the ground breaking strategy of Blue World City. This advanced new health office will be outfitted with the most recent innovation and apparatus to work with the patients and to manage any crisis in the public eye.

Latest Updates in Blue World City:

Indeed, even the general public has not been authoritatively dispatched at this point, the improvement work in the task has started. The development work of the great entry of the society is close to finish, the development of the principle road of the society is in process.

The land getting process in stage 1 free from society has started and it won’t be some time before the planning and evening out of plots will start. In a new turn of events, the President of Blue World City Saad Nazir held a gathering with Mr. Chang, a top Chinese Multi-Floor High rise designer for the development of Apartment complexes at Blue World City Islamabad.

Why should you invest in Blue World City?


There are a number of reasons you should invest in Blue World City with the top reason being its high expected profitability. Blur World City is offering great many luxurious facilities that might not be available 24/7 in the city even. The  price and payment plans are quite reasonable. Offices are built in the area for convenience.

In addition to this, it offers a peaceful environment and calm surroundings for a quality living.

Documentation Prerequisite for booking:

You can now visit Urban Associates office in Islamabad for booking along with the following documents:

Overseas clients has to bring the above mentioned documents along with 2 copies of the Overseas National ID Card.


Blue World City is another name of fantasy world where your dream of luxurious lifestyle can be fulfilled at an affordable rate. Thus, don’t be late to invest in this housing society because this is just right moment for investors to make the best out of it. The prices of General Block and Overseas Block has been updated on 1st January 2022.  Hence, avail this mind-blowing opportunity before the price rises.

The top selling points of Blue World City is its lavish lifestyle, high-quality living standard, mesmerizing view, great tourist attractions, life facilities, flexible installment plans, and much more. Therefore, we see it as a long-term investment opportunity that would definitely have profitable outcomes in the future. Secure your future today!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1- What is Blue World City?

Ans. Blue World City is a housing society in Islamabad, located at Chakri Road, Rawalpindi.

Q2-Who is the owner and developer of Blue World City?

Ans. Blue Group of Companies (BGS) is the owner of Blue world City. BGC is owned by Saad Nazir. Moreover, the project of Blue World City has been assigned to a Chinese Shah Municipal Engineering Company.

Q3-Is Blue World City Housing society legal?

Ans. Yes! It is an RDA approved society and it has applied for the renewal of NOC along with an extension area.

Q4-When will the development work start and how long will it take for the society to get fully developed?

Ans. Blue World City construction has started with main gate and Main Boulevard being completed. It will take around 3-4 years for the construction work to be completed.

Q5-When will be the possession of plots given in society?

Ans. The possession of plots will be granted once the construction is completed in is 3 to 4 years.

Q6- How Will Blue World City become the hub of economic growth in the region?

Ans. Blue world City has diversified commercial and residential investment opportunities and is close to the CPEC route. Thus, it is expected to be very profitable for investors.

Q7-Why Blue World City is called Pak-China friendly City?

Ans. (MOU) has been signed between Blue World City and Shah Municipal Engineering Company for all the development work of this mega housing project. It is called Pak-China friendly city because it is the first project built by a Chinese company in Pakistan. Thus it is of great significance.

Q8- Who is the Blue World City Brand Ambassador?

Ans. A Turkish famous lady, Esra Bilgiç is the brand ambassador of Blue World City.