None. A few large-scale housing companies have been established in the capital such as Eighteen Islamabad, Taj Residencia and Park view city, but none of them can meet the needs of low-income or affordable people. To address this crisis, ICHS Town Islamabad took the initiative and provided extremely affordable housing for the less privileged members of society.
Cooperative Housing Association Islamabad (ICHS Town) is a low-income housing project of the Islamabad Cooperative Housing Program. This is one of the housing complexes built near Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It entertains its inhabitants with the necessities of a comfortable life.
This is a semi-government housing project initiated to provide quality and comfortable living for low and middle-income households. Located near Islamabad, the housing project offers spectacular views of the resplendent Margalla Hills. Official launch
Multi Gardens was launched in 2004, but the company went back to launching its first residential project at E11/3 called Islamabad Gardens in 1989 and E11/1 in 2001. ICHS  Town was also launched around the same time frame as this project.
The approval of the company’s development plans is subject to the rules and regulations set forth by the Capital Development Authority (CDA).
ICHS Town Location:
The housing project is located near Fateh Jang Road, about 42 km from point 0 of Islamabad. This is one of the companies that have close access to the new Islamabad airport. Company
benefits from its location as it is close to CPEC road, with a distance of 3 km and only 4 km from the new Islamabad international airport.

We show below the distance of the company from the surrounding towns:

Just minutes from Capital Smart City, one of the area’s most important iconic companies. University Town, Mumtaz City and Top City are also nearby.

Total area: :

The total land area used for the housing project is about 5500 Kanal. The company claims to meet the housing needs of about 35 to 40,000 residents. Access Point :

ICHS Town has an entry point via Dhamyal Road near the Kashmir Highway and Attock Road through Ternot and Qatbal Village.

CISH city NOC and authorization: :

The project is approved by the city government (Pakistan) and is a reliable and absolutely safe investment.

CISH city NOC and authorization: :

The following NOCs have been obtained by CISH from relevant departments The company is registered with the Department of ICT Administration Cooperatives under registration number 313. Rest of the details are mentioned in: Ministry, ICT, Islamabad.
Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA) NOC No. 567/SL/NI/TP/TMAF of Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA), Fateh Jang. Ministry of Defense NOC No.6 / 53 / Misc / D28 / 2008 of the Ministry of Defense, Government of Pakistan. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) NOC HQCAA Number/1124/44/ATS (P/C) 2693 for Construction from Civil Aviation Authority, Headquarters, Karachi.
The following NOCs have been obtained by CISH from relevant departments The company is registered with the Department of ICT Administration Cooperatives under registration number 313. Rest of the details are mentioned in: Ministry, ICT, Islamabad.

ICHS Town all the basic amenities needed for a comfortable life. ICHS Town provides the following basic amenities to its residents:

CISH city NOC and authorization: :

Initially, the company has divided its site into 6 residential areas offering only 1 lot in Kanal . However, different sizes are already available for commercial plots in the company’s markaz. size to meet needs.

ICHS Town Planning:

Phase 1 planning is almost completed with 50% of the work completed, sewer lines, road network and electricity lines installed. However, the phase 1 development work is very slow, it takes at least 2 to 3 years to complete the earthworks.
Over the past two years, ICHS Town’s growth has been rather slow, but the company’s management has picked it up significantly following the launch of the new Islamabad International Airport. The increased economic activity in the area due to its proximity to the CPEC route to this company has opened up many prospects and successfully attracted many developers and investors to invest in this housing business.
The company’s price hike is the result of recent developments in the region. Electricity, water, gas, subway and telephone systems are installed in the community. Work on the paved roads is complete and connects all parts of the company as well as the 160-foot wide modern main avenue. The construction of the main gate and surrounding wall of the housing project has also been completed.
Solar lights have been installed on the main avenue to make the housing company more ecological and practical. Backup generators are also available to deal with any power outages.
A water supply and drainage system is also installed throughout the area. All development, as mentioned earlier, associated with the facilities


The company has applied for the title of the land plots in phase 1 for 6-10 months, however it will take longer for the expansion plot as it is a relatively new area and the Installation as well as other procedures will take time. The management of the housing company takes 2 to 3 years before handing over ownership in these blocks.

Investment perspective:

Real estate investing is one of the most convenient and reliable methods to generate income and increase your wealth. All the successful people in the world get into real estate as it is one of the safe and risk-free industries. You can generate higher profits in a limited time without any significant effort. ICHS  Town offers a similar opportunity in terms of value and bright investment prospects.
It is a well-planned and picturesque housing company that has grown rapidly due to the socio-economic development in the area. It certainly presents a great investment opportunity not only for the residential block but also for the commercial sector of the company. Reliable infrastructure, well-designed roads, modern architecture and modern amenities further add value and investment value.
It is extremely beneficial to keep assets for at least one year after the investment to generate high returns from this project. At the same time, ownership will also be given to you, which will further increase your income. The best case scenario is being able to maintain the asset for longer, say 45 years to earn 100% return on your initial investment.
We don’t know what the future holds, but for this housing company, the possibilities are endless.


Latest immigration trends in housing companies in Pakistan have become essential and attractive due to the distinction and luxury amenities provided by the management of these housing companies. ICHS  Town provides equal opportunities for individuals of all social backgrounds to afford an improved life. Let’s discuss some of the factors that contribute to the success of this company and get you motivated to invest in this project.

1 Supreme location:

There is only one factor that determines the value of real estate, and that is location, unique location at the crossroads of 3 major cities Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Fateh Jang are one one of the housing company’s main selling points. The subtle views of the company are also not to be missed; The company showcased the stunning views of the Margalla hills of the capital, capturing the viewer’s interest.
Moreover, it is only minutes away from CPEC road, highway and new Islamabad international airport. The combination of all these factors adds to the value not only of this project but also of the areas surrounding it. ICHS is a goldmine for investors looking for a medium to long term investment as well as for those interested in building a home for their family.

2 Affordability

The affordable prices offered by this housing company contributed significantly to the increase in activity. Investors who realized very early on the real potential of this project invested in the profit-making company and appreciated their assets. Housing companies with similar vision and amenities in CDA areas, such as B17 Multi Gardens in the capital, offer much higher rates and fewer business opportunities. Therefore, investing in this project is not only practical but also very effective.

3 Easy Installment Plans & Limited Offers

Another great reason to invest your savings in this low income housing company is that they offer a wide range of standard lot sizes and Easy installment program. Plots are available from 5 Marla to larger than 1 Kanal size in the company’s residential and commercial properties so you can invest in whatever form works for you. Secure installment payments allow people to invest in this housing business for a better future. Plots are primarily available on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s best not to waste time and get your lot before all prime locations run out.

4 Modern Amenities

Although this housing project does not offer modern amenities it like those provided by leading companies in Pakistan, for example. Park View City or Bahria Town, but includes all the basic needs needed to live a comfortable life, including water, gas, electricity, shopping malls, cinemas, parks, schools, hospitals, and mosques, making it a great place to live and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

5 Great Prospects for the Future CPEC

There is no doubt that the possibilities and prospects for this residential project are endless given its proximity to the CPEC Road. Investing in this project is always a good idea even if you do not intend to use it for residential purposes; The business outlook of this real estate company is extraordinary. The area is going to be a great business hub in the coming years and spotting any properties in the area will be very difficult so we encourage you to invest in the company and take advantage of it. Enjoy the results of your investment for the rest. of your life.

6 Enhancing Quality of Life

 The housing company offers a promising opportunity to experience a comfortable and peaceful life for its residents. Not only is nature endowed with beauty and modern amenities, this place is also far away from the noise and pollution of the main cities. However, that does not mean that it is located too far away to make it easy to get from the company to the port, the travel time from all the neighboring towns is only a few minutes.

7 Peaceful and natural environment

Housing companies benefit from a natural environment free from pollution and noise. The stunning views of the surrounding Margalla Hills offer a wonderful and attractive retreat for those who appreciate a peaceful and quiet environment, free from the worries and stresses of daily life.

8 Special Discount

This housing project aims to provide equal residential and business opportunity for all standards of society. To achieve this initiative, housing companies are offering commendable discounts to government and semi-government employees, Pakistanis abroad, retired Pakistani officers, people with disabilities, widows, and widows. orphans so that they can easily buy plots of land and enjoy a quality life.


Although the investment in CISH city will have to last, experts have analyzed that the rate of return will be high depending on the investment made. This is a great opportunity not only for investors but also low-income people to invest their savings for a long-term home and their future. Seize this auspicious opportunity to make your dreams come true.


Answer The housing project is located near Fateh Jang road, about 42 km from point 0 of Islamabad. The property is just 4 km from the new Islamabad International Airport and just 3 km from CPEC road.

Answer There is a very viable payment plan for its customers. The full payment plan proposed by this housing project management is attached above in the article.

Answer Housing company is unique and offers discounted rates to government and semi-government employees, Pakistanis abroad, retired Pakistani officers, disabled people, widows and orphans.