Nova City


Nova City Islamabad is an arising society close to Islamabad creating by Nova City engineers. It is found right close to the CPEC course, Fateh Jang Street, and Rawalpindi Ring Street. The general public is arranged and intended to give a focal area close to Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
The Nova designers have intended to dispatch the general public soon with every one of the lavish offices at low rates. Sky Promoting strongly suggests putting resources into Nova City Islamabad right now on the grounds that, after twentieth April, the current low plot costs will be dependent upon future developments and may increment because of society’s ubiquity and interest for plots.

Nova City Islamabad Proprietors and Engineers:

Nova City Islamabad is creating by Nova City designers. The organization is a well known land designer and presently creating Nova City Lodging Society Islamabad. They are known for their top notch framework advancement.

Nova City Islamabad NOC:

The No Complaint Authentication (NOC) of Nova City Islamabad is yet to be accomplished by the concerned specialists. The NOC is an excellent worry of any lodging society and for the financial backers. This is on the grounds that the endorsement of NOC sanctions a lodging society and fosters a feeling of confidence in the general public and designers.
When the NOC is supported, the prominence of Nova City lodging society Islamabad will shoot high with its full magnificence. The advertising period of the Nova society is at full stage, and financial backers are rushing to remove their portion of low-valued plots.

Nova City Islamabad Area:

The area of Nova City Islamabad is arranged at an ideal spot close to the recently proposed Rawalpindi Ring Street and CPEC course. The principle entrance approaches from Ring Street, and the opposite side of the general public opens up at CPEC. New Islamabad Global Air terminal is additionally only a couple of min drive away. The nearby area of the air terminal makes it exceptionally worthwhile for regular explorers. Nova City is made for those financial specialists looking professionally place with close vehicle and correspondence places.
The area of Nova City Islamabad is with the end goal that three dams are found nearby named Rama Dam, Sapiala Dam, and Kasana Dam. One more component of its area is that a wonderful Kheri Moorat Public Park crossing over very nearly 8600 sections of land lies only a couple of kilometers from it.
These all elements upgrade the meaning of society. Nova City Islamabad google map is shared here so our perusers and clients might have an ideal thought of the specific area.

Nova City Islamabad Area:

Nova City is open in the accompanying ways:
Right around 21 min drive away from New Islamabad Global Air terminal

Close by Tourist spots and Places:

Following are the close by milestones and spots close to Nova City:


Nova City Islamabad Ground breaking strategy:

The Nova City Islamabad will be dispatched soon by the Nova City engineers. Since this general public is in its pre-dispatch stage, this is the reason the ground breaking strategy of society has not been made accessible for the overall population.
Nonetheless, Sky Advertising has utilized its assets to bring some underlying data about the format subtleties of Nova City Islamabad. Society is additionally partitioned into areas/stages/Squares.

Private Plots:

Following are the measures of private plots in Nova City:

Nova City Islamabad Installment Plan:

The most recent installment plan of Nova City Islamabad is brought to you by Sky Showcasing for our regarded clients and perusers keen on knowing the costs of Nova City lodging society in Islamabad. These costs and installment plans are pre-dispatch plot costs.
Last costs may at last be uncovered after the authority dispatch of the general public very soon. Nova City Islamabad plots available to be purchased are accessible at the most reasonable costs in Pakistan with such a significant degree of extravagant offices and conveniences.
The installment plan, comprehensive of the improvement charges of Nova City Islamabad, is as per the following:
The 5 Marla plots cost is Rs.2,750,000/with a downpayment of Rs. 590,000/, affirmation in addition to Booking cost is likewise Rs. 295,000. 40 regularly scheduled payments are likewise accessible with Rs.18,950, 8 half-yearly portions of Rs.79,000/ – and Rs.770,000 to be submitted on ownership of the property.
The 8 Marla plots cost is Rs.4,040,000/with a downpayment of Rs. 810,000/, affirmation in addition to Booking cost is likewise Rs. 405,000. 40 regularly scheduled payments are likewise accessible with Rs.20,870, 8 half-yearly portions of Rs.158,000, and Rs.1,131,200 to be submitted on ownership of the property. The 10 Marla plots cost is Rs.5,000,000/with a downpayment of Rs. 1,000,000/, affirmation in addition to Booking cost is likewise Rs. 500,000. 40 regularly scheduled payments are likewise accessible with Rs.25,000, 8 half-yearly portions of Rs.200,000, and Rs.1,400,000 to be submitted on ownership of the property.
The 14 Marla plots cost is Rs.6,750,000/with a downpayment of Rs. 1,425,000/, affirmation in addition to Booking cost is additionally Rs. 712,500. 40 regularly scheduled payments are additionally accessible with Rs.30,875, 8 half-yearly portions of Rs.275,000/ – and Rs.1,890,000 to be submitted on ownership of the property.
The 1 Kanal plots cost is Rs.9,600,000/with a downpayment of Rs. 1,960,000/, affirmation in addition to Booking cost is additionally Rs.980,000. 40 regularly scheduled payments are additionally accessible with Rs.43,800. 8 half-yearly portions of Rs.400,000 and Rs.2,688,000 to be submitted on ownership of the property.

Terms and Conditions:

Following are the agreements of the installment plan as follows:
10% markdown on 100% installment and 5% rebate on half installment
The costs referenced above are for non-class plots. 10% additional charges would need to be submitted on class plots.
These restricted time-offer costs are pre-dispatch costs and at risk to be altered after dispatch and advancement.
The cost is liable to be changed with practically no notification.
The referenced costs are comprehensive of improvement charges.
The costs are select of Government charges.
Pay Request for “Nova City Engineers.”
10% affirmation charges to be paid inside 45 days.

Significant Notification:

Following are the fundamental focuses in regards to booking and installment:
Assuming affirmation isn’t passed on inside 45 days, the programmed undoing of the property will occur, and just 75% sum will be discounted in a half year.
10% rebate on full installment and 5% markdown on 5% installment of the property.
The plot costs of Nova city are selective of any administration charges, expenses, or obligations.

Offices and Conveniences:

Nova City Islamabad is an all around arranged private society that offers every one of the advanced extravagances and offices with computerized systems.


Among the most required offices, the mosque office is basically made piece of the end-all strategy so the occupants might create and keep a solid relationship with the maker of the entire universe. An excellent design mosque will be inherent the general public for the inhabitants.

Gated People group:

A feeling of wellbeing and security is important for the occupants to feel constantly, may it be day or night, since the only thing that is in any way important whatsoever day’s end are protected. An individual is possessive with regards to the family’s security, and in case society isn’t protected, no occupant or financial backer will be keen on putting resources into society.
Safety officers, CCTV cameras, and a focal security war room will keep up with severe and exclusive requirement security for the inhabitants’ wellbeing.

Wide Covered Streets:

The streets, roads, and primary lane are intended to give a protected and roomy drive. The streets and roads are laid with innovative security and streetlamp frameworks. Such progressions and developments make it much more appealing for financial backers.

Sporting Parks and Zoo:

Society has dealt with every one of the requirements of families and kids living inside the premises. For this reason, the engineers have incorporated an all around arranged zoo and public rich green stops that will give a green, new, and eco-accommodating climate to individuals living in Nova City.

Clinical Offices:

Society will give all the a-list clinical and medical care offices to the inhabitants. Centers and clinics will give super advanced medical care and crisis offices with high-proficient specialists and para-doctor staff.

Nova City Highlights:

Following are the vital elements of Nova City Lodging Society Islamabad:
Instructive organizations
Eco-accommodating local area
Lovely principle entrance
Power, Gas, and water every minute of every day
Sports regions for grown-up and kids
Playland and play regions for kids
The wide and lovely principle street
Fiber Optics and broadband innovations

Habitually Posed Inquiries (FAQs):

Following are a portion of the FAQs about Nova City Rawalpindi:

Ans. Nova City is a further developed adaptation of a private society creating top notch foundation improvement. It is found right close to the CPEC course and the recently proposed Rawalpindi Ring Street.

Ans. However, the NOC of Nova City is under process with the concerned specialists, and soon it will be supported.

Ans. Indeed, the advancement is at max throttle immediately.

Ans. Indeed, there is no question on the grounds that the simple and adaptable portion plans give the best plot costs in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Ans. Indeed, on the grounds that the portion plans are wonderful to families, even from an unassuming foundation, little financial backers are keen on putting resources into enormous numbers. Consequently, expanding the shot at high speculation returns.


Nova City Islamabad is creating by Nova City Designers at an ideal place near Islamabad. The area directly close to the CPEC course and Rawalpindi Ring Street makes it the most look for capable lodging society of things to come.
Society is promising in nature as it can possibly bring high return venture returns. Presently is the once in a lifetime chance for the people who have confidence in a productive future. Society vows to give the best foundation improvement of the neighborhood at the most reasonable rates with extravagant conveniences. The general public offers a lifetime freedom to purchase any property whatsoever rates.